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A brand-new bathtub can cost between $800 and $4,500, while installing a new bathtub liner can cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Bathrooms are probably the most used rooms in any house, and this makes them a prime option for , mold/mildew growth and smell. I am also unsure about a drain that would be in the middle of floor that I want to cover Depending on the solution to the previous problem would there be a problem with just covering it with the flooring? Contact your local government for information on how to apply for the permit that you’ll need.</li><li>Clean it Out EntirelyWhile you’re waiting on permit approval, get to work on cleaning. Most people with an unfinished basement use the space for storage, which means that it’s inherently the place for things with nowhere else to go. If you’re finishing your basement though, you’ll need to completely clear it out—and find a temporary place for all of those boxes, bins, and week bathroom remodelOne other piece of advice: avoid architects for bathroom remodels. Thats a sideshow for most of them and they know far less than designers like our own who do it every day. They tend to do things that are overkill and then bid downside to the one day bath which is that major changes like reconfiguring or expanding space are not possible. If you want to have that done a full custom remodel is the service for you. Our professional individual will show up at your doorstep and examine your existing bathroom. They will then make a note of your bathroom dimensions, layout, design and determine all the remodeling possibilities. A couple of weeks after that, while searching the Internet for information for her mother’s remodeling project, she came across One Week Bath again. """"""""



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